Introducing The Cisco Small Business Bundle

At Cisco we specialise in simple IT solutions for SME's, that are easy to buy and manage, helping your business stay productive and secure. From networking and cyber-security to collaboration. Cisco solution bundles start from as little as €0.80 per person per day. Discover how we can help today! T&C's Apply.

Remote Work - Making it work for you

Many small businesses have been moving to remote work by necessity, and that’s not likely to change any time soon. This can be a positive thing as workplace flexibility can improve employee productivity and reduce costs for your small business. It’s easier to hire top talent because you’re no longer limited by geography and more people are demanding flexible working options. People working from home have the same responsibilities and needs as in-office employees.

So how do you enable remote workers while keeping your small business productive and secure?
Every small business is different, and you should take the time to carefully assess the needs of your organization. Below is a starting guide of key areas to consider:

Security needs to be a priority - with your employees working remotely, instead of simply securing one building or office, now you have multiple sites of potential attack. The tools your remote employees use to communicate and share files need to be secure, but they also need to be reliable and simple to use so employees working from home don’t end up feeling isolated or out of touch.

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Bundle Components:

Part Number Description Qty
DUO-SUB Cisco Duo subscription 1
DUO-MFA Standard Cisco Duo MFA edition 25
SVS-DUO-SUP-B Cisco Duo Basic Support 1
UMB-SEC-SUB Cisco Umbrella Security Subscription 1
SVS-UMB-SUP-E Enhanced Support for Umbrella 1
UMB-DNS-ESS-K9 Cisco Umbrella DNS Security Essentials 25
AMP4E-SEC-SUB Cisco AMP for Endpoints XaaS Subscription 1
AMP4E-CL-LIC AMP for Endpoints Cloud subscription 25
SVS-AMPE-SUP-B Cisco AMP for Endpoints Basic SW Service 1
SEC-AUTO-PUI-LIC Cisco Security - For Internal Use Only 1
Z3-HW Meraki Z3 Cloud Managed Teleworker Gateway 5
LIC-Z3-ENT-3YR Meraki Z3 Enterprise License and Support, 3YR 5
MX64-HW Meraki MX64 Router/Security Appliance 1
LIC-MX64-ENT-3YR Meraki MX64 Enterprise License and Support, 3YR 1
A-FLEX Collaboration Flex Plan 1
SVS-SPK-SUPT-BAS Collaboration Support Services - Basic Support 1
A-SPK-VOIP Included  VoIP (1) 1
A-FLEX-FILESTG-ENT File Storage Entitlement 100
A-FLEX-MSG-ENT Messaging Entitlement 5
A-FLEX-NUCM-EE NU Cloud Meetings - Meetings Suite (1) 5
A-FLEX-TOLL-DIALIN Meetings Toll Dial-In Audio (1) 5
A-FLEX-EE-ENT Meetings Suite Entitlement (1) 5
A-FLEX-WX-STG Included Webex Storage for Flex 10


Cisco Duo to protect every user and get basic access controls, advanced administrative management, and user provisioning.
Cisco Umbrella is cloud-based security using the Internet's infrastructure to enforce security and block malicious activity 
Cisco AMP for Endpoints offers cloud-delivered Endpoint Protection and advanced Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). We stop breaches and block malware, then rapidly detect, contain, and remediate advanced threats.
The Cisco Meraki MX-series are multifunctional security & SD-WAN enterprise appliances, 100% cloud-managed with a wide set of capabilities to address multiple use cases–from an all-in-one device.
The Cisco Meraki Z-Series teleworker gateway is an enterprise class firewall, VPN gateway and router 100% cloud-managed. 
Cisco WebEx is a cloud-based suite of productivity tools that keeps teams connected. Webex Meetings is the world’s most popular video conferencing service for the enterprise.

Terms & Conditions: 

Bundle is based on 25 users over a 3 year period. Broadband not included. 0% Finance available.
Final bundle components and pricing may differ due to individual requirements.  Offer only available via Cisco registered partners.
Financing is provided by independent third-party financiers and is subject to finance partner final credit approval and execution of contractual terms.


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