Quality Policy Statement

Exertis Ireland is Ireland's largest distributor of Enterprise IT and Home retail products and related services. The company was founded in Ireland over 35 years ago, and now employs over 180 staff, based at our office and logistics facility in Fonthill, Dublin. We are unique in being able to combine an unrivalled knowledge of the Irish marketplace with a very successful track record of working with many of the world’s top brands.

Exertis Ireland is part of the wider Exertis Group organisation. Exertis is one of Europe’s largest and fastest growing technology distribution and specialist service providers. Exertis group partners with 350 global technology brands and over 14,000 resellers, e-commerce operators, e-tailers, Integrators and retailers across Europe. In the most recent financial year to 31st March 2021, DCC Technology had an annual turnover of £3 billion.

The goal of the company is to achieve superior levels of customer satisfaction. The commitment of each member of our staff is essential to the realisation of this goal.

The board of directors recognises that quality excellence can best be achieved by preventing problems rather than by correcting them after they occur. For this reason we have implemented a risk-based process oriented QMS. Appointed members of the management team will take responsibility for ensuring that a continual improvement culture is established at all levels of the organisation. The business employs a management structure that develops authority and responsibility for quality management.

At this present time, the business focuses its attention on the following quality related issues:

  1. To assimilate the requirements of the standard into the normal operating practices/processes of the business.
  2. To provide a framework for developing, implementing and monitoring our quality business objectives.
  3. To ensure total customer satisfaction by implementing all applicable customer, statutory and regulatory requirements thereby becoming the preferred supplier to our customers.
  4. To implement a continuous improvement culture within the business processes thereby ensuring that we are the preferred supplier to our customers.
  5. To ensure ongoing company-wide awareness of quality related issues and the critical role that quality plays in our business activities.

The senior management team considers the regulatory compliance and quality aspects of the business to be of paramount importance. A quality service that provides on-going customer satisfaction will guarantee the success of the business.


Rod McCarthy
Managing Director