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Secure Wireless (LAN)

Secure Wireless (LAN)

The simple requirement of any access layer, be it wired or wireless, is to allow simple and secure client access. An Integrated solution, where APs are part of the security solution that integrates security at the edge and the LAN. Traditional WiFi is treated more as a separate identity within a secure zone.  Secure WiFi treats the LAN as an already compromised environment and ensures only appropriate access is provided by extending the Edge Security to the LAN.

With 6.5 million Wi-Fi certified devices shipping every day, Wi-Fi has become the network of choice in every type of business large and small, public venues, and hundreds of millions of homes. Wi-Fi has become ubiquitous, from home and workplace to coffee shop and on aircraft, Wi-Fi can keep you connected. The days of one-size-fits-all enterprise Wi-Fi are over. The wide range of different use cases, deployment models, security requirements, and budgets dictate that vendors deliver different Wi-Fi solutions for different markets and deployment topologies.

All cloud Wi-Fi vendors’ solutions claim to be secure. And they are, up to a point. If the scope of your security is limited to access control or wireless intrusion detection, this is an easy checkbox to fill. However, on a broader scope there are significant gaps.  Secure WiFi should include but not limited to:

  • Configuration Management including Guest Access
  • Access Control
  • Network IPS
  • Web Filtering
  • Anti Virus
  • Application Control
  • Integrated Framework