Exertis Group Adds Retro Cloud Gaming Service Antstream Arcade to Gaming Portfolio

Exertis Group Adds Retro Cloud Gaming Service Antstream Arcade to Gaming Portfolio

Basingstoke, 10th February 2021: Leading technology distributor Exertis today announces a partnership with cloud gaming platform Antstream Arcade across EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Asia). The partnership will give Exertis customers access to Antstream’s retro games streaming platform, with thousands of the most iconic games of all time to choose from.

Just one account with Antstream can be used across multiple devices, from gaming consoles to phones, smart TVs and tablets. Gamers can take on friends or foes in exclusive custom challenges or try their hand at hyper-casual esports tournaments. Antstream offers plenty for casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Antstream Arcade has the world's largest collection of retro games, licensed from publishers such as Disney, Warner Bros, Bandai Namco, and Taito, and includes classic titles like Mortal Kombat, Super Star Wars, Pacman, Space Invaders, Bobble Bubble and more. The Antstream Arcade application is available across Mac OSX, Windows, Android, Nvidia Shield, and Amazon Fire Stick, with additional platform support coming soon.

Ross Holt, Global Head of Gaming at Exertis, said, “Antstream is a fantastic addition to our gaming portfolio and we’re really excited by the opportunity it presents to the Exertis Group. Retro gaming is here to stay and has never been more fun or accessible.”

Antstream are equally excited by the new partnership: “This new partnership opens up a whole array of new opportunities for both companies,” said Sam Butler, Director of Business Development, Antstream. “We’re looking forward to continuing Antstream’s exponential growth by streaming our huge library of iconic games to the millions of customers served by Exertis retail and digital partners every day.”


About Exertis Group

Exertis is the leading technology distributor of consumer, business and enterprise products from pioneering technology brands, playing an integral role in supplying the world with cutting-edge tech. For forty years Exertis has distributed the technology that transforms societies and facilitates the world’s transition to digital. These days Exertis distributes everything from AV solutions to AI-powered smart-tech.

Exertis is powered by the mantra 'our people, our customers, our business' and its reach is global. A wholly owned subsidiary of parent company DCC PLC, a FTSE 100 company, it has offices in Europe, North America, Middle East and China, representing 2,400 brands. In 2020 it had a turnover of £3.913 billion. As technology evolves, so does Exertis. www.exertis.com