Quality Statement

The goal of the company is to achieve superior levels of customer satisfaction. The commitment of each member of our staff to quality, is essential to the realisation of this goal.

Quality is defined by our customer. There is a clear need, therefore, to accurately establish client's requirements, and to respond rapidly and effectively to meet them.

Quality excellence can best be achieved by preventing problems, rather than by correcting them after they occur.

At this present time the company focuses its attention on a number of quality related issues, namely:

  • To maintain a Quality Management System which meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 accreditation.
  • To provide a quality service to our customers which ensures customer satisfaction at all times.
  • To instil an awareness of quality related issues throughout all staff members by means of improved training and understanding of the critical role which quality plays in the company's business.
  • To provide a process of continuous improvement in order to maintain customer satisfaction.

The polices and procedures detailed in the company Quality Manual are designed to achieve our quality goals in the most efficient manner.

The Board of Directors consider the quality aspects of the company's business to be of paramount importance, as only service which provides on-going customer satisfaction will guarantee the continuing success of the company.


Rod McCarthy
Managing Director