Return of Products Procedure to Exertis Ireland Limited

Exertis Ireland does not accept the return of goods, save where expressly provided by law. Any request for a return must be approved in advance by Exertis Ireland's customer service team as detailed below.

At Exertis Ireland we have streamlined the process of returning goods, providing you, our customer, with a faster, more efficient service. We have identified the need to speed up the process by clearly stating the circumstances that warrant a return and the steps which must be taken to activate the return. The individual terms for making requests vary by manufacturer and these are listed in 'Manufacturers Terms and Conditions for Return'.

Overview of the Process

1. Requests to return goods to Exertis Ireland must be made using the return form on the Exertis Ireland website If you don't have access to the Exertis Ireland website then a Manual Returns Request Form may be requested, completed & sent back via e-mail to [email protected]

2. If a valid return request is received by Exertis Ireland, a Returns Authorisation Number (RAN) will be issued to you. The target time for issuing RAN numbers from receipt of the request is one working day but in some cases, if the manufacturer's approval is also required, it may take up to 10 working days. This RAN number is a reference number, which signifies that the product has been approved for transport back to Exertis Ireland. When enquiring about the status of the return you must quote this number. Please note that a RAN does not signify authorisation for credit.

3. Exertis will organize collection of all faulty goods from your premises. Collection date will be communicated in advance by email.

4. On arrival in Exertis Ireland, the products will be assessed and subject to approval, the return will be accepted and a credit note (CN) issued to you. Please note that in some cases fault will have to be confirmed by manufacturer first which may result in delays in issuing a CN. Where manufacturers' approval is required, it is Exertis policy not to issue CN until equivalent has been received by Exertis.

5. If the return does not comply with agreed terms & conditions the goods will be sent back to you with details of the refusal attached.

6. All RANs will automatically be closed if :
a. Stock isn't ready for collection by our driver
b. Incorrect collection address has been advised by customer

Please note that in this case you will need to reapply for a new RAN but if it falls outside of DOA Window for your product at the time of second request it will be rejected. Please see DOA by Vendor file for such details.

Detail of the Process

Returns Claim Form is submitted via the Exertis Ireland web site along with a copy of receipt (POP proof of purchase) from end user

The Form must state the correct product code, invoice number, serial number (or IMEI where applicable) and quantity. In addition, it must correctly give one of the following reasons:

a. Exertis Sales order error
b. Dead on arrival (DOA) * Exchange
c. Dead on arrival (DOA) Credit
d. Faulty - detailed fault description

DOA product is in many cases handled directly by the manufacturer. The best advice for you in this case is to speak to the manufacturer to determine whether the fault is in fact DOA and how to proceed from there on. Your Exertis Ireland representative is available to point you in the right direction. If you would like to check the individual manufacturers' DOA procedures and DOA window time frames, all can be found in 'DOA by Vendors' file.

Exertis Ireland must comply with its vendors' terms and conditions for approval of returns of goods.

How Goods Qualify for Return?

To be suitable for return, the products must comply with the following conditions:

a. Fall within the 'manufacturers' own returns criteria'.
b. Be in the original, undamaged packaging.
c. Have unbroken seals - which includes cellophane. (Note: this does not apply to faulty or DOA products)
d. Have all accessories and manuals, cables, etc.
e. Be unused (Note: this does not apply to faulty or DOA products.)
f. Have been purchased as normal product and not as part of promotion or special offer.
g. Have remained undamaged after delivery to you
h. In the case of  DOA Laptops, i-pads, mobile phones, i-phones, or tablets,  All  pin codes, passwords, security feature FMI (Find my i-phone or i-pad) and DEP must be deleted in advance and returned boxed in original packaging where it is a requirement by the manufacturer.  Goods returned with any of the aforementioned features will be rejected and returned back to the buyer.  NB: Physical damage is not covered under any manufacturers warranty

Preparing the Goods For Collection

Once a RAN has been issued, Exertis Ireland will arrange to collect the goods within three days.

Goods returned for repair under warranty must be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice, or must quote the original invoice number and date of purchase. It is your responsibility to ensure that any Goods returned are properly insured.

Exertis Ireland reserves the right to vary the specification of any item, withdraw, modify or amend any such item without prior notice. Prices quoted are subject to variances in exchange rates and in consequence prices will be those holding at the date of despatch.

Collection of Goods

1. Exertis will arrange for the authorised returns to be collected as per the instruction given when the RAN is issued.  Our policy is to book one FOC ( free of charge pickup)  If your collection is unsuccessful,  it is the responsibility of the buyer to arrange transport of the goods back to exertis within 5 working days.  Any subsequent collections arranged by exertis will be at a transport cost to the buyer.
2. Current time frame for all pick-ups after RAN number was issued is as follows:

a. 2-3 working days for Republic of Ireland
b. 3-5 working days for Northern Ireland
c. Up to 10 working days from outside Ireland

3. In the case of any dispute over the collection of returns and if returns are consolidated into one collection, it is your responsibility to provide Proof of Return of all items. This will be accepted by supplying a signature of the person who collected the goods (Driver) and the name of the company they represent (logistics company) and number of boxes returned.

4. Exertis Ireland reserves the right to reject all claims


Testing and issuing of Credit for faulty products

1. Upon arrival at Exertis faulty product will be assessed either on the site or returned to the manufacturer for fault assessment at the manufacturer premises as per their DOA product specifications.
2. Exertis will make every effort to asses all returns as swiftly as possible but in some instances delays may occur if product has to be tested directly by manufacturer.
3. Exertis does not accept any liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect costs, expenses, losses or damages arising from any such delays.
4. If Exertis or manufacturer determines that faulty product meets DOA criteria, a credit note will be issued in line with policy as per point 4 in Overview of policy.
5. If Exertis or manufacturer determines that no fault has been found or product fails to meet manufacturers DOA criteria, products will be returned to the Customer who will be responsible for all returns costs.

If you have any questions about the Returns Procedure, please contact any member of the Returns Team at: e-mail [email protected] or, tel: (01) 408 7171.