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For years, Cisco partners have been at the forefront, advising our mutual customers on everything networking by leveraging Cisco’s broad portfolio of networking products. But now the opportunity is here for you to grow your business by also selling Cisco security — and here are four key reasons why.

Take Advantage Of One End-To-end Security Portfolio

Every day, Cisco security protects 100% of the Fortune 100. That’s right, 100%. Over the past 15 years, Cisco has built one of the broadest security portfolios on the market

Reduce Operational Complexity

Customers lean on Cisco partners to help reduce complexity. You’re already their trusted advisor and managed services provider reducing complexity in networking, so why not also deliver value helping to simplify their security tools landscape with Cisco’s natively integrated, end-to-end security portfolio? And you’ll grow your business with recurring software revenue at the same time.

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Train To Become A Security Selling Rockstar

To become a security selling rockstar, Cisco offers the Fire Jumper Academy, which is a partner training program for security sales and engineering that covers security selling basics and Cisco’s security portfolio.

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Cisco Talos

Cisco Talos Intelligence Group

Intelligence Group is one of the largest commercial threat intelligence teams in the world, comprised of world-class researchers, analysts and engineers.

Talos keeps your network safe

Talos teams are supported with systems to create accurate, rapid and actionable threat intelligence for Cisco customers, products and services. Talos defends Cisco customers against known and emerging threats, discovers new vulnerabilities in common software, and interdicts threats in the wild before they can further harm the internet at large.

Comprehensive Threat Intelligence

Talos was formed by combining SourceFire’s Vulnerability Research Team, the Cisco Threat Research and Communications group, and the Cisco Secure Applications Group. The combined expertise is backed by a sophisticated infrastructure, and Cisco’s unrivaled telemetry of data that spans across networks, endpoints, cloud environments, virtual systems, and daily web and email traffic.

Fostering an informed community

Talos utilizes its extensive threat intelligence to make the internet safer for everyone. A variety of free software, services, resources and data are available to the public, including official rule sets and communities. Additionally, Talos promotes an informed security community, posting information on new threats and research on the Talos Blog, ThreatSource newsletter,social media, and on the Beers with Talos podcast,with new episodes posted biweekly.

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