Benefits & Rewards

Our ENGAGE Partner Program is well-regarded by our partner community. You will receive help at every stage of your journey. Whether that’s advice on how to use the portal, events, or enablement tools to get the most out of your Fortinet Collaboration.

Here’s a snapshot of program benefits you’ll have access to when you sign up with us:

Enablement Tools

Make a great start on your Fortinet success journey with full access to our Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP), presentations, videos, whitepapers, email copy, co-brandable campaigns, and infographics.


Fortinet efficiently trains your team, so weaknesses quickly become areas of expertise. Not only do we provide you with the technical knowledge to succeed, but we also empower your staff with the confidence and tools to close sales effectively.

NFR program

Join the growing number of global partners benefitting from our NFR program to equip their in-house labs, provide demonstrations and conduct assessments.

Technical support

We provide all the support you need for a smooth and successful Fortinet journey. From comprehensive guidance on all aspects of the Fortinet Partner Portal to live support when you need it, we have you covered.

Access to Renewal Assets

We help you to ensure your customers stay up to date with the latest protection and security solutions.

Marketing Campaigns

For eligible partners, we offer co-op marketing funds so we can approach your customers together.

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Deal Registrations

All Fortinet partners benefit from our discounted (min. 50%) deal registration program.


To ensure you get the maximum return on your hard work we have developed an incentive program called FortiRewards. You get the opportunity to earn €€ on your deals by completing approved Fortinet activities. Each successful completion builds points in an XTRM account linked to your portal user ID.